Friday, March 6, 2015

new dress @ ORIGAMI event

hi :)
i released new items in ORIGAMI event.

please read thisy↓ blog about event.

KC*M No.07[WA-dress]

Cafe de KC No.05[cushion]WA-Hanami

Friday, January 30, 2015

Luv Strawberry [KyokoCouture]

hi :)

there are 2 new items , and limited offer price now!

KC No.67[StrawberrySet]@CCB
undies for classic av &Slink mesh body
and macaron on mouth.
(slink mesh body is not include )

Creator Colection Box
manicure and pedicure change HUD for Slink hand.
(slink hand and feet are not include)

please enjoy :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

limited dress 6L$ ~8/31

hi :)
this limited dress end 31.Aug !
and it's limited lffer price 6L$ :)

don't miss it ;)

Kyoko Couture

Saturday, August 23, 2014

[6L$]6th anniversary dress~31Aug

hi :)
i made 6th anniversary dress of my shop.
it's limited offer 6L$ until 31 Aug.
KC*M No.06[TsweetDress]TokyoTower

please visit my main shop

and i make new mesh dresses.
KC*M No.06[TsweetDress]
please try demo :)

have a good holiday!

Friday, July 4, 2014

NEW*mesh dress[LizzieDress]Kyoko Couture

hi !
i released new mesh dress.
KC*M No.05[Lizzie Dress]

there are 5 colors.
KC No.05[LizzieDress](Blue)
KC*M No.05[Lizzie Dress](Blue)

KC*M No.05[LizzieDress](Green)
KC*M No.05[Lizzie Dress](Green)

KC*M No.05[LizzieDress](Black)
KC*M N0.05[Lizzie Dress](Black)

50L$ SALE now!
KC*M N0.05[Lizzie Dress](Pink)

KC*M No.05[LizzieDress](White)
KC*M N0.05[Lizzie Dress](White)

please try to wear demo before purchase.
Kyoko Couture main shop

please enjoy :)

These clothes are rigged mesh (based on StandardSizing)
Please try to wear demo before purchase.
1.rigged mesh cannot resize and cannot adjust position.
2.please wear with alpha mask
3.include full permision texture for alpha mask , please adjust alpha mask by yourself (alpha mask is copy&mod OK)

Friday, June 27, 2014

50L$SALE now[KyokoCouture]


i released new mesh dress.
KC*M No.05[Lizzie Dress]
there are 5 colors.

please try demo before purchase.

and now , this pink dress is limited offer price 50L$ :)(~30th June)
50L$ SALE now!

please enjoy ;)

Kyoko Couture main shop

Saturday, May 17, 2014

NEW mesh dress KC*M No.04[slow dress]

hi :) i released new mesh dress.KC*M No.04[slow dress]All
(rigged mesh clothes based on standard sizing)

please try demo !!!

or 1 color(Moss green) is group gift :D

please wear demo or group gift dress , before purchase.
KC*M No.04[slow dress](MossGreen)group gift

please enjoy ;)

Kyoko Couture main shop